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Naomi Head is a writerpoet and digital media professional based in Edinburgh. 
She provides services in copywritingdigital marketing and website editing.
Naomi works with individuals and organisations to elevate their digital marketing.
She is currently open to work in copywriting, website editing and marketing.

How can Naomi help you?

Let's tell your story

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Share your story

Naomi puts your story at the center of a tailored strategy to connect you with your audiences on and offline

Image by Austin Distel

Make your content work for you

Naomi creates multi-layered, cross-channel approaches to grow your presence online and reduce the demands of social media

Image by Marvin Meyer

Build your community

Naomi builds organic connections with audiences using people-focused narratives to grow online and real-life communities

Naomi was very helpful and resourceful in finding ways to help Spit it Out grow our online presence. She joined our team for the Spit it Out Festival 2023 and confidently delivered our festival marketing. She also took the time to teach the team everything they needed to know to promote the events. Naomi was a great addition to our team and had a significant impact on the success of the festival!

I can't thank Naomi enough for her help with our social media output! She helped us put structures in place so that the whole thing was manageable for us and created content that suited our voice as a company. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some real insight to help their business thrive.

Léa Luiz de Oliveira, Spit it Out

Richard Duffy, The Potter Trail

I approached Naomi to put together a release campaign for my solo album. Naomi was a fantastic choice, she absorbed and understood my music, and crafted a successful, bespoke campaign. She created 3 chapters for my personal and music industry contacts in which each chapter told the story of the music, the process behind it, and the artwork. I really enjoyed working with Naomi, and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to share and communicate their art. She is creative, empathetic, and very organised, and helped put together a professional release campaign that connected with so many people in a genuine and engaging way.

Thomas Brumby, Musician

Naomi offers the perfect blend of marketing, strategic support and understanding compassion. It's all too easy to get lost in numbers and metrics whilst trying to promote yourself in the creative industry, but Naomi made me feel supported and prioritised my mental health to find a truly comfortable balance and approach to self-promotion. No one understands the trials of an artist like another artist.

Jack Hinks, Musician

Image by Yannick Pulver


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Naomi is open to freelance commissions and projects 
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