• Naomi Head

An Idea

Originally published on December 4 2020 by Insight Magazine

Begin with a challenge, a five-year-old daughter inspire her, modern, successful woman.

Go back further, struggle no statues of women in Scotland. Edinburgh groans under the weight of men

and three women. Queen Victoria, another anonymous, only Helen Crummy a named woman, a heroine.

By contrast, pampered pooches, Wojtek, Greyfriar’s Bobby, Copenhagen and a dog called Bum. Women fall in the pecking order

Invisibility is not unusual, history believing, we didn’t exist at all. The world run for men occasional women appear

a queen consort produces an heir, a king dies, his daughter inherits Exclusively royal. The ordinary women silent

compounded by history we are ill-equipped to navigate, victims of terrifying persecution fighting for their lives

far from reality. We can do better. Begin with an idea, a five-year-old today,

we wish for her tell stories to inspire Wit, wisdom, wickedness and the truth – Women have always held half the sky,

We always mattered hiding in the margins between the lines, in the gaps enjoying the company.

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