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Red Unit

I worked with Red Unit throughout 2020, primarily as a copywriter and researcher. 

I collaborated with the team on several projects, including their national ad campaign, 'Big Enough', app, inAlba, and webinar series, RedSolutions, and wrote articles about market trends and business localisation in China.

I also researched and fact-checked information and wrote copy for infographics, articles and client proposals. 

The company wished to focus on their professional channel, driving traffic to the website and converting inquiries into sales. I provided them with copy, content and strategy for LinkedIn and MailChimp campaigns.

Working with Red Unit, provided me with insight into B2B marketing and business localisation, as well as utilising my writing skills in different industries.

See examples of my work below.


Outside of my other responsibilities at Red Uni, I also wrote original articles for the website. 

I have written on a range of subjects, including coronavirus and Chinese market trends. I am open to freelance article commissions.

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